Aura has best Ayurvedic massage in Sharjah, is a unique form of massage reaching to all the internal organs and tissues, and whilst being very soothing and comforting. Ayurvedic massage in Sharjah at our center allows the detoxifying process to take place to a far greater degree than is often understood or recognized.

Understanding how this works will help you to benefit the most in all that you do with Ayurvedic massage in Sharjah. De-toxification or purification is about removing toxins and those matters that obstruct the proper and effective functioning of not only the physical organs and tissues but also of the mind/emotions.

During the process of Ayurvedic massage in Sharjah, where the application of herbal and special oil is combined with continuous long strokes and heat, such stubborn toxins move from the subtle areas of the mind and emotions. Deep-seated mental/emotional pains and issues, left unattended or even forgotten, but still ‘there’ will ‘move’ with this kind of Ayurvedic massage.
The method of Ayurvedic massage in Sharjah is deep and with long flowing strokes. This continuous flow not only gets the oil deeper into the tissues but is also symbolic of the continuous process of detoxification and flow of knowledge of Ayurveda to you, thus allowing you to see your correct nature.