Ayurvedic Massage – Say Goodbye to all your Body Pains!

Sometimes known as traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda is derived from ancient texts. And approaches physical and mental wellness in an “organic” and comprehensive manner. Ayurvedic medicine is one of the earliest known medicinal systems. It is currently in use in traditional medicine in India. Ayurvedic medicine encompasses products, nutritious food, resistance training, and style of living.

The ayurvedic treatment consists of options from which the user can select. Herbal therapy, yoga, ayurvedic massage, and many more options are available. Though it may appear superstitious, we strongly advocate this treatment since it produces significant effects. As a result, various credible sources in India recommend using this medium. It is usually preferable to avoid chemical ones. Continue reading to learn more!

Ayurvedic Treatments

Aura Ayurvedic is a Sharjah-based Ayurvedic treatment facility that helps with several problems. Like, back pains, neck pains, arthritis, and many more. In today’s hectic, tense, and toxic society, unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity, alcohol and cigarettes, excessive use of A/C, and other factors can contribute to toxic buildup in our bodily and mental systems, leading to disease.

Ayurveda is also popular as the art of living a healthy and disease-free life. It assumes that in the past, man lived near to nature. And if he became ill, he cured himself utilizing resources and materials supplied by Mother Nature. As a result, it would not be incorrect to claim that Ayurveda plots a health path based on nature. And obviously, it’s natural resources.

Ayurvedic Massage

Vata is incredibly important for health since it provides the necessary motion for all body functions. One of the goals of lifestyle concerns is to slow down this process. Routine can help the person to ground all this flowing energy. It is also where ayurvedic massage falls in. Because it has the traits of dryness, lightness, coldness, roughness, subtlety, mobility, and clarity, any of these characteristics in abundance might produce imbalance.

Extensive travel, particularly by plane, loud sounds, constant stimulation, and contact with cold beverages and meals, distortVata. Consistency is challenging. But it is necessary if it is to be reduced and regulated. This type should go to bed around 10 p.m. Since they require more rest than the other types. People with abundant energy, in general, respond more quickly to warm, wet, slightly fatty, heavy meals. A daily oil ayurvedic massage before bathing or showering is also advised.


  • Though hard to believe, it reduces the overall stress. It balances the stress in our life by relaxing our muscles.
  • Improved skin texture and skin health. By relaxing our muscles, the tensed muscles of the face also calm down.
  • It results in lower blood pressure. With relaxation comes lower blood pressure.
  • It also improves physical strength and vision in a person.


  • Not much evidence has been given on ayurvedic massage. This is why not much can be said about this.
  • Time taking as compared to chemical medicines. This might take about twenty-five minutes at the least.


Concludingly, several experts suggest this treatment, so a bit of reliability comes from this aspect. However, we should always be careful. Because what works for others does not always work for us as well. The benefits of this old therapy procedure outweigh the drawbacks. The disadvantages of ayurvedic massage appear in the form of side effects. Yet, these adverse effects may develop only if people are negligent in implementing a medication or if the physician administers the incorrect medications.

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