Are you concerned about the health and wellbeing of your staff, or do you have a wellness program already in place at your workplace?

Perhaps you’re already a passionate Yoga student and know that your fellow workmates would benefit from a Yoga practice of gentle Yoga postures, meditation and/or relaxation techniques?

Aura can come to you with yoga classes in Sharjah and workshops to any company or organization around Sharjah and Dubai zones. To get started all you need is a group of up to 15 people and a quiet, clear space – most board and meeting rooms, cleared of tables and chairs, can usually accommodate up to 15 people.

Students of corporate Yoga find that it’s a wonderful way to rejuvenate and release pent-up stress caused by a hectic schedule and bring balance to the working environment.

The vibrant energy and sense of calm created with Yoga in the workplace can further resonate into all aspects of your daily life!