Back pain nowadays is a common problem experienced by all people. The reason for back pain varies from individual to individual. Some factors that cause back pain are our body postures, age-related degenerative disorders, injuries during sports activities, wear and tear of muscles during our day-to-day activities and while weight lifting, etc. Aura Ayurvedic centre has a signature experience for back pain treatment in Sharjah and joint pain, through analysis and understanding the underlying cause thereby, helping to reduce the pain and swelling and correct the spine issues through Authent

Yoga Wellness and Therapeutic

Today, yoga is popular across the globe, not just because of its efficacy in the management of some diseases, but also of its strength in providing relief to the practitioner from mental and emotional distress and providing a feeling of well-being. Hence, nowadays yoga is being practised as part of a healthy lifestyle across the globe. Yoga can be understood as the ancient culture of consciousness, the science of awareness, balanced state of mind, excellence in work etc. It is imperative that this wonderful culture is spread around so anyone and everyone all over the globe can be benefite

Ayurveda to Boost Immunity for Covid 19 prevention.

The only way to defend corona is to increase our immunity. Present scenario of corona worldwide actually making us under panic. the fact that the majority of the victims are being cured, gives hope to us. Initiatives and coordination by the government against the virus also remarkable. before the invention of the exact vaccine, we can try to increase the natural immunity to the maximum unhealthy food habits should be avoided Nutritious food should be taken in time. Vegetables, fruits, tender all should be plenty in your diet. beans and cereals also needed. 4. Steamed food is very good.

Skin inflammation (ECZEMA) Ayurveda Treatment in Sharjah

Eczema is a skin condition with rashes gives the idea that have redness, dryness, swelling, tingling, and chipping. The skin tingles and results in a rash when scratched. This sickness is known as Vicharchika in Ayurveda and it has Ayurveda Treatment in Sharjah. At the point when the resistant framework moves toward becoming unequal then it happens. What's more, is frequently connected with other unfavorably susceptible conditions like feed fever and hypersensitive asthma, and so forth. Hereditary elements, atmosphere, debility, and mental variables can likewise bother the condition. Reasons

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction or sexual malfunction is difficulty experienced by an individual or a couple during any stage of a normal sexual activity, including physical pleasure , desire, preference , arousal or orgasm. According to DSM-5,(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders),Sexual dysfunction requires a person to feel extreme distress and interpersonal strain for a minimum of 6 months(excluding substance or medication induced sexual dysfunction). Sexual dysfunctions can have a profound impact on an individuals perceived quality of sexual life. CATEGORIES- Sexual dysfunction disor

Urinay Tract Infection and Ayurvedic Management

Every time Geetha went to the bathroom; she felt a burning sensation. Though she knows that something was wrong, she was too embarrassed to tell anyone about it. At times, she had an intense urge to go to the bathroom, but when she went, she could only urinate a little. Geetha’s experience is not unusual—in fact, her problem, urinary tract infection (UTI)—is the most common reason for which women visit a doctor. About one out of five women gets urinary tract infection during her lifetime. That is not to say that men do not have UTI’s. However, they are not prone to infection as often

Ayurveda Treatment For All Common Fever

Treatment of common fever in ayurveda basically is based on three elementary doshas. Treatment of common fever in ayurveda possesses its own idyllic idioms, referred to by those ancient Indian sages, who also had been successful to even nominate a separate name for fever itself. In the world of ayurvedic medicine, this very ordinary ailment, i.e., common fever or common cold, is referred to as Pratishyaya. All the three doshas in ayurveda are responsible for the occasional occurrence of cold, which however provides effective treatment in common fever. Vata dosha common fever has dry coughs,

Ayurvedic Treamtment for Tonsilitis

The tonsils are a pair of small almond-shaped structures on either side of the throat, just behind and above the tongue. The structures act as a defence against infections that invade the body through the nose and mouth. Tonsils are a part of the body’s protective lymphatic system, which dispatches cells that literally gulp down bacteria. Adenoids are structures located at the back of the nose, above the tonsils. They too help keep away respiratory tract infections. Occasionally, bacterial infections overwhelm the tonsils. This infection, known as tonsillitis, is often one that children c

Ayurvedic Management of Arthritis

Arthritis ( arthro- joint + -itis, inflammation) is a form of joint disorder that involves inflammation in one or more joints. Arthritis might seem simple, but it’s really not. . Arthritis can be difficult to recognize because it can start in different ways. It can start slowly and be mild, or it can start suddenly and cause intense pain. It might cause the classic issues of joint pain, swelling and stiffness, or it may first cause health problems that seem unrelated like fatigue or a rash. Types of Arthritis There are more than 100 different forms of arthritis and related diseases. The