A wide range of ayurvedic medicine in sharjah from Kerala especially from Kottakkal Arya vaidhyasala , vaidyaratnam and Kalans drugs & remedies are prescribed at AURA. Oils used for External therapies are tested and certified under ESMA in UAE.

In Ayurvedic therapeutics, drug therapy is given prime importance. There is a very well developed sub-discipline entirely devoted to drug formulations known as “Bhaisajya Kalpana which prescribed as ayurvedic medicine in sharjah.

Ensuring good quality is an integral component of medicine. The classical Ayurveda texts have prescribed methods for achieving this objective. Presently, the principles and tools of modern science are also profitably adapted for this purpose. The ayurvedic medicine in sharjah are produced in Kerala Factories go through rigorous quality checks at the Quality Assurance Department and the QA Department Cell keeping in-house standards for all the medicines.


Ayurvedic Medicines are available in the form of

  • Gulikas (Tablets & Capsules)
  • Kashayams(Decoctions)
  • Arishtams (Fermented liquids)
  • Churnas (Powders)
  • Lehyams/ Rasayanams (Semi solid herbal preparations) and
  • Thailam oils/ ointments.